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Chris and Gary

About Us

Gary Ziegelbauer is the current President here at Triangle Distributing Company and his daughter, a fourth generation owner, is the current Marketing Director.

Over the past sixty years, Triangle Distributing has maintained itself as a leader in the market as it has responded to the changes in product innovation and consumer demands. It is this commitment to these four keys that has enabled us to remain one of the best and most respected in our state.

New CP Chris and Leona


  • Our most important asset is our people so hire the best
  • Our employees are a part of our profit sharing program
  • We are committed to growth and development of our people
  • We work hard and play harder
  • Our culture is open and honest
  • We have caring hard working people that make a difference in our community


  • Partnering with our customers to bring them relevant products and information to help grow their business
  • Be the market advisor they can trust
  • Strive to earn our customer partners' trust


  • We live and love our community and understand our importance
  • We have always been involved with our community and encourage our employees and friends to do the same
  • Our company is better when we get involved with the community

Supplier Partners

  • Open honest communication
  • Trust from our suppliers that we know our market and delivery and sell the products that make sense in each account
  • We execute thru planning, goals driven down to the sales force and continuous tracking of the plan
  • We are innovative
  • We act with integrity

Our Salesforce

Triangle Distributing is a diversified distributor of high quality beverages, we are focused on providing customer satisfaction, serviced with well-trained personnel. We drive the market thru teamwork, goals and strong relationships with our customers and supplier partners.

We are truly dedicated and committed to the growth and development of each employee. Our entire Sales Team has completed the Server portion of the Beer Cicerone Class. CiceroneWe also have a few Account Managers working to complete the Certified Cicerone portion now. We use our bi-weekly sales meeting to educate of Sales Team on brand styles, food paring and samplings. To win in our market, we must have the best people with the right knowledge to best serve our customers.


Triangle Distributing has developed a 100% pre-sell and delivery system that meets our customer partner’s needs and allows them the most up-to-date information in our industry.

Our selling system starts with a General Sales Manager that works with all suppliers to develop distribution and sales objectives that fit the marketplace and their brand goals. These goals are then passed to our Sales Managers who are responsible for street execution. Our Sales Manager Team is responsible for a channel selling system that includes Area Sales Managers, Convenience Store Manager, Space Planning Team, On-Premise Team and the Marketing Department.

Our Area Sales Managers have the resources to react to changing market conditions to make sure that all of our brands are able to be competitive at retail. Our Account Managers are exactly that, not Salespersons, but Account Managers. They are responsible for all aspects of service in their assigned accounts.

High Life Achievement Dinner

Triangle Distributing also believes that our delivery department is as important to our customers as Sales. We have three different types of delivery. First, we have a cart delivery system that has reduced our time of delivery in half. This way we are not interfering with our customers business. Next would be our dedicated Tel-Sell delivery route. Each one of our Tel-Sell accounts sees the same delivery person. This person can be the eyes that are missing in most Tel-Sell systems. Last would be our normal truck delivery that services most of our On-Premise partners.

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Our training does not stop with just our Sales Department. We have also used our Delivery Meeting to educate our Drivers in the following areas: Space Management, Draught Beer knowledge and troubleshooting, Trade Math skills and Display Building.


Our warehouse staff works continuously with our sales staff to make sure proper care is given to our products. Warehouse temperature control and inventory maintenance of our over 2 million cases that sell thru our warehouse is important to make sure our product is delivered to market in the freshest state possible.

We believe that brewers, the wholesaler and it's employees and retail customers must all win for continued growth in our industry.

Community Involvement

CP GeorgeAt Triangle Distributing, we encourage our employees to become involved in the community. We are very proud of all that they accomplish. Triangle sponsors a variety of annual events to raise funds to help the Northeast Wisconsin area.