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Brand Management

Triangle Distributing account managers, area managers and event coordinators study and understand the fast changing consumer beverage market. Our local sales staff have a goal to provide accurate beverage trends unique to each market to best service our retail accounts. They are supported by world class marketing tools to help promote your business and the brands we partners with in our territory.

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Education Is Key

The success of our employees is our belief in continuous education. Our sales staff is not only “Beer Servers” certified in the Cicerone program but continuously educated on new beer, wine and beverage innovations and set styles.


Category Management

We offer our services to our retail partners of cooler and shelf beer categorization and mix. Our goal is to maximize our retail partners space thru raising profits with the right product mix and inventory levels. The planogram system delivers customized plans that reflect each retail outlets unique consumer profile.



Our job doesn’t end once the sale is made. We will properly merchandise and build the displays that create the pull to generate profits. Our merchandising staff get to know each of their accounts and are responsible for making sure our products look good in the market.



Our delivery personnel goal is to provide reliable and courteous service to their accounts. Our professional routing system gets our trucks out and back in the most efficient and productive way possible. Our electronic design service help eliminate paperwork. Our updates warehouse picking system generates more accurate order picks with fewer errors. Our goal is to service our accounts in the most efficient and accurate way possible to free up dock times and your employees time in checking your delivery in.